The Quest

When I should have turned away
I ran towards the wall
Hoping that when I got there
There should be none at all

I stumbled on in the dark of night
My hope had almost died
Yet still I held the vision of
What lay on the other side

Many better men there were
Who in such quest would fail
Hope it seems was much misplaced
I was so small and frail

At times the devils visited me
Planting thoughts into my mind
That should I reach my final goal
A wilderness I would find

Yet I continue running still
Not wanting to have died
Never having known at all
What lies on the other side.


~ by David Heslin on 08/11/2006.

One Response to “The Quest”

  1. And this, at the age of 18, was my first real poem of any kind. Structurally, it’s not great, and the first stanza in particular reads quite poorly; however, I still like the metaphorical imagery.

    This was about a girl I fell for in a big way during year 12. I must have had a crush on her for the better part of six months, but she was focused on her studies and didn’t want a relationship. It would pay off, as she would turn out to be dux of the school the following year.

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