The Tree of Knowledge

This deserted mire
Is where I bide my time,
As tones of wasteland grey
Adorn this home of mine.

This ravished Eden –
And I, first-born of men,
Watch it be consumed
As I consumed it then.

Alone? No, not I:
For you once brought me here.
Or was it I who – ?
My memory’s unclear.

Sit so still you now!
And grin – a frozen smile
Plastered on your face:
“My love, just stay a while.”

Death awaits me here,
So plot I my escape
At night, to steal away
In fear, lest you awake.

You. You’re always there
To offer me that pill –
Faust-like, faltering,
My weak resolve I kill.

Myopic statue
(left naked in the mud),
How you beckon me,
Invite me to your blood.

Therefore, I remain
In this accurs’d country
With my hope, my dread,
That I will soon break free.


~ by David Heslin on 19/07/2008.

One Response to “The Tree of Knowledge”

  1. Arguably the first poem I have ever written that I was really proud of. I wrote this during my first relationship, and it’s quite depressing that it took me another whole three months after this to end it.

    The imagery of paradise and wilderness was inspired by the first poem I ever wrote (“The Quest”), and I found the allegory of the fall of Adam and Eve to be quite apt here. In this case, I was faced with the acute realisation that my first romance was dying and that I would never have that back again.

    The opening and closing stanzas would find their way into my first short film two years later, which was based on the same thematic material.

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