Red Pyramid

Down, down, down, down
I with your sword
Your long sword
Swinging in my hand

Drown me in blood
O red pyramid
As I kneel in worship

End, end, end, end
Your death is no end
Time is your god
As you were mine
I let myself fall

Down, down, down, down
I with your sword
Your long sword

O mighty victim
The abyss goes deeper than you.


~ by David Heslin on 14/10/2010.

One Response to “Red Pyramid”

  1. When I was about 15, I played the PS2 game Silent Hill 2 relatively frequently. I wasn’t much of a gamer then (and am even less now), but there was something about the eerie mood and visuals of the game that captured me.

    One of the most amazing sequences in the game comes towards the end. the protagonist walks down an impossibly long staircase, then falls through a hole in the ground, then takes a long elevator ride down, and so on; going deeper and deeper with no prospect of escape, but still pushing on. With this poem, I wanted to explore these themes, along with other aspects of the story (e.g. a mythical executioner-being who must be defeated with his own enormous sword).

    The title is a reference to the religious allegories of the plot, which may or may or not have been intentional on the part of the creators.

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