Alieno Mori

Cessation: in itself, not strange –
no cage,
not like infinity.

“The Blackness”
oft-quoted (oddly; for we can see black,
and won’t).

But certainty trumps all fears,
with the wipe, the break, the stop.
It is the zero we dread.

we invent Gods, sequels, cycles;
for some, to sate doubt –
for you, a diversion.

And yet,
I am no adherent:
it pleasures me not
to shitcan your liferaft
by condemning myself.

I know it.
Empirically, I know
and you know that it ends,
and some of us shake.

You “Live For Today”,

But oh, how I long
to be force-fed the pill
that allows me to dream.


~ by David Heslin on 13/04/2011.

One Response to “Alieno Mori”

  1. Taking a break from the mythological allegories of my recent poems, I decided to focus on literalism here. The subject, of course, is death, and, in particular, my fear of it.

    The terror I feel here is quite specific: it is not about the unknown, nor is it about pain, nor is it about some kind of ‘blackness’; instead, what I fear is the certain, inevitable zero.

    I have often thought that, very late in life, I would like to submit myself to some kind of brainwashing that ensures I go to my grave convinced that I’m destined for an afterlife or some kind of reincarnation. I’ll never know any better.

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