The Spider’s Web

The submissions are late

late late late late late

I can write I know I can but

I cannot think

now, stress.

supposedly, had I commenced last week

this would lead to less





and other such methods of stasis

but the calming drone of the computer is in my ear

internet is safe and warm and many things to look at

so alt tab alt tab refresh

even as self-control creeps back and pleads in my head

please move your hands back

this is how an addict feels

I cannot think

I long for an energy drink

and green apples

combined, they let off a sweet, tangy stink

and sticky fingers on keyboards

but productive

This happened last time

But I can get stuck in these ruts


~ by David Heslin on 20/04/2011.

One Response to “The Spider’s Web”

  1. The Spider’s Web is an attempt to try my hand at some of the more unwieldy elements of modernist poetry, particularly the work of Gertrude Stein and Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here, the arrangement is decidedly arrhythmic, although there is a deliberate dependence on internal rhyme as a method of preserving some kind of poetic sensibility. The closest poem in tone to this is probably Mayakovsky’s suicide note, although The Spider’s Web is decidedly more awkward and stilted.

    Unfortunately, most of the formatting was lost during the copy from Word to WordPress. Not sure how to fix that.

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