William Blake as Protectionist

Spinning, buzzing
Fly in death throes
A conflicting urge within me
Arising to
Crush it lifeless
Or save it
Anything to stop the sound
I lift a pencil
Flicking it under the shelf
Moving it out of sight
It was going to die anyway
In 3 months
The narrow space will be swept
Its carcass will be removed
And placed amongst the scraps
And fruit peel and coffee
I, witness to its last moments
And long since moved on
Will tie up the bag

~ by David Heslin on 20/04/2011.

2 Responses to “William Blake as Protectionist”

  1. William Blake as Protectionist is on one level a straightforward recollection of an actual event; on another, an exploration of apathetic callousness on a personal or national scale. It is, of course, somewhat of a response to William Blake’s The Fly.

    The structure of this poem doesn’t reflect on any specific modernist text; although it could perhaps be compared to aspects of Mina Loy’s Love Songs. The only internal rhyme is provided through use of present-tense verbs in the first stanza, which are juxtaposed with the future tense of the conclusion.

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