There is no longer fruit
in the old grove.
The grass shoots stand unmown.

Now, the walls falter;
adorned with the art of street kids,
and scattered amongst the cans.

The dragon rarely stirs.

I still recall a time
when these motors
heeded the seasons,
adhered to their legends
and hid from our sight.
Back then, we spoke of
fanciful longings of immortality,
thinking the fortifications
stood to keep us out.

Later on, they yielded,
and at last, we glimpsed our prize:
not the serenity we had wished for,
but a cemetery, three graves wide.


~ by David Heslin on 16/05/2011.

One Response to “Hesperides”

  1. An allegory for loss of religious faith, I suppose, with the Greek myth of the Garden of the Hesperides serving as backdrop.

    The three graves belong to the (generally unnamed) nymphs. Even fruit can only keep you alive for so long.

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