Number 12

Plucking from the tithe jar,
like some cheap twat
is a poor sort of legacy.
And yet, he loved me.

If I appear a victim
of some vicious rewrite,
your pity is well-earned;
long before I top myself
(or trip over the fence).

Thus, my fate is argued
by theologians and ethicists
who fail to agree upon
the extent of my guilt
until Pope Feelgood sees fit
to give me a pardon.

Here, then, are the questions
Upon which mythologies are founded
of sheep and goats
and the concept of free will,
and I beneath it all.


~ by David Heslin on 03/06/2011.

One Response to “Number 12”

  1. I always felt an affinity with Judas Iscariot. I’ve always had the sense he got the rough end of the stick — yes, he betrayed Our Lord, but he was just playing a preordained role. And then there was his tragic, redemptive suicide. Even as a 10 year old, I realised that there was something distinctly inconsistent about the apostles’ Post Mortem condemnation of J to eternal torture.

    He’ll be promoted to purgatory any day now.

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